No royalties paid

I have four wells in Martin Co. TX. The operator is Diamondback (DB) we were not paid any royalties in June 2022. When I tried to reach out to DB they respond that there was a “rebook” and that they are looking into it. SO far after two weeks I have yet to receive any other explanation.

Any suggestion as to how to handle this? Also, can anyone tell me what a “rebook” is or what it means?

Thanks in advance

Hi Lee_Hisey, we had this happen to us. A “rebook” usually means somebody messed up the title opinion and in our case the wrong people were being paid. Our operator also stated once they recouped the funds that were paid to the wrong people, we would be paid. Only took four years. Keep up your correspondence be persistent, let them know that you expect interest on your money. --Tim

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