No papers yet

I found out thru your site that my son was in a pool, or else to this day we would not have know. I tried calling the man who is in charge in Houston to ask him if my son needs to sign any kind of forms but he does not return my calls. The person that i work with says he had to sign several papers. I think the well is going to be up and ready in the next few weeks since i noticed the flame isnt burning anymore, and there is alot of activity going on. Back in october when i spoke to him he said that there was nothing my son needed to do, he said we would recieve information in the mail about the amount that would be recieved and the percentage he would be recieving. My son has left message for him, since he didnt respond to me I figured he might want to speak to the person who is in the pool, but we have not heard from him. Thank you guys for having the mineral forum. I have learned alot from all of you. I WISH EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Did your son not sign a lease? If he is in a pool and didn't sign a lease he should have received several certified letters from the operator and possibly the state regarding his unleased status and a pooling order.

yes he has a lease.