No Lease or Royalties for Producing Well

I recently received a Notice of Hearing for Canadian County to Vacate Existing Spacing and Establish new Horizontal Drilling and Spacing Units. I found that there was an active well on the section that was left to my father. Can anyone tell me how I would go about checking what company has the active well. I inherited the mineral rights from my father. The location is the SE 1/4 of Section 29-12N-08W. The Hearing was in January, so the well may be vacated by now. Can anyone tell me anything about the Production of the Well?

I only see one well that has sold anything in the last 10 years in that section. ELMENHORST #29-2 API 35-017-22768 PUN 017-054787-1-0000

Here is the last change showing the current operator

It looks like they sold one load in 2007 and a partial (80 barrels) in Feb 2012. Not really an producer, I'm not sure how it would hold the lease.

That was the well that I saw, but I didn't have any other information on the production. Thanks Rick for your help.