No chatter in Carlsbad


I have been reading around this site and see lots of new drilling permits, not in Eddy. I’ve yet to see any in my neck of the woods. Any news?


I’m not sure about recent permits, but Matador has been quite active in that area. Matador has a number of DUCs (drilled - uncompleted wells). I researched minerals for a friend recently, mostly Eddy County, found 15 DUCs and only searched half of his properties. Baker Hughes Rig Map shows 41 active rigs in Eddy County.


Several wells in Sections 16, 17, and 22 T23S, R30E Eddy County with Mewbourne have been drilled and completed. I received two Division Orders on new wells in 22 and am awaiting three in 17. Most of my New Mexico holdings that are being drilled on are in Lea County.


Right on. Well I’m looking in the right place, just no activity yet I guess. You’re in 22 and I’m in 31. Good luck to us


Where is your mineral interest located?


They’re in Eddy county in Carlsbad. Anything new going on?


What Section, Township & Range? There are numerous permits out throughout the county and active leasing requests as well…


Grins, You’re in 23S 30E Sec 31?