NM Township 25S Activity


New Mexico 25S, Range 36E, section 7 and 18. We leased to Blackbeard about a year ago, but I cannot find any permits or activity. Could it be that Blackbeard sold the mineral rights to someone else to do the drilling? How would I find this out?


I’m not an expert on NM, so someone else may need to weigh in for better resources, but you can find permitting info at OCD Permitting - Wells and see well statuses on ArcGIS Web Application. Both are NM government sites.

EDIT: forgot to mention that I didn’t see any permits for either of your sections. Also, you mentioned you leased about a year ago. Therefore, the lessee still probably has a couple more years depending on the primary term of the lease and/or any extension.


OK, they paid a big bonus, that made me think they were ready to make holes in the ground!


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