NM Statutes on Delayed Royalty Payments

After reviewing payment statements I discovered that less than one year ago a royalty payment included production from as far back as 2006.

Its my understanding that 6 months is about the limit on production to payment without the leasor having to pay the mineral owner interest on the royalty.

Any direction to the NM statute for situation like mine would be appreciated as I know the state statutes vary on this type of situation.

The company stated they did not have a DO signed from me and were keeping track of royalty payments due to me. Once they received the signed DO from me, the funds were released to me. Everything else since the original payment has been timely.

I am not in a witness protection program and should have been easy enough to find - especially since other family members have also leased to the same company the same minerals.

Thank you in advance for any legal statute reference, support or encouragement.