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Hopefully NM Oilboy finds this post, maybe he can answer my question: Question: Why is there little well completions shown on the New Mexico Oil and Gas Conservation website for weekly activity? This has been going on for quite some time now. Are Oil Companies not required to post completions now on the new site? Or is there such a backlog from shortage of staff that there is little new well activity/completions shown?



I don’t know. Not something I check. What gets posted there is not the wells completed in a given week, its the C-105 reports (from whatever date) that happen to show up at the NMOCD in a given week. Some are a year old. My guess is its just the inefficiency in the system which may be exacerbated by holidays or 2 years of WFH/sick etc.

If you know wells have been drilled you can go look at the NMOCD wellfiles for daily reports and also look in FracFocus to see if a stimulation has been reported. Sometimes that beats the C-105 filing.

There are 25-30 frac crews running in NM right now so the work is going on even if the paperwork is not.

Thanks for the info NMoilboy. Learn something new every day on this site.

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