Nixon area activity

Im New to this , so feel free to lend a hand. I would really like to know if anyone knows of any drilling activity North of US 87 on cm 2922? I’ve been under lease for 2 years & no good news yet. Forest Oil has my acreage. They seem to be ramping up in the area. I have no trouble contacting them but they are not sayin to much. So if anyone can tell me any info they might know for that area please let me know . Thanks A Bunch Glenn


Since April 1, 2013 thru April 30, 2013 there have been 45 drilling permits issued and 1 reenter for Gonzales County. A lot of activity for Gonzales County. Good luck with your lease. Just be patient. At the bottom of each permit is a plat map that will tell you exactly where each well is being drilled.

Here is a link to those permits. Just click on the lease name to pull up the permit.

Clint Liles