Niobrara & Goshen counties, Wy

I understand that there is a lot of drilling between Glenrock & Douglas in Converse county but havn't heard of any drilling in Niobrara & Goshen. Not sure of the amount of Niobrara shale in the Eastern part of Wy. (Goshen co). Has anyone heard of any projected well's to be drilled??


I just reached agreement with a major oil company for a “paid-up oil and gas lease offer” on property I own in Niobrara County, WY. When drilling starts I will report back.

Ned, did they drill a well?

Ned; Did you ever get a lease with the oil co. you referred to and did they drill?? I have not heard of any drilling in Niobara and or Goshen counties. One person told me that the Niobrara shale seemed to lie at about 2700 ft in that area and thought it would be too costly to get the oil out. If anybody has any info on that part of Wyo. I would appreciate hearing about it. George