Nickel River Royalties LLC

Hello all. Received a letter from this company, Nickel River Royalties LLC, offering a potential lease for my property. I recall this company reaching out to me in 2018, but they did not respond when I called back regarding their offer back then.

Is anyone familiar with this company? Am I wasting my time with them?

Nickel River does a mass mailout program, usually offering prices that are too good to be true. Once they get ahold of you, those offers tend to drop dramatically or disappear.

Mass mailing with offers to buy minerals are commonplace in America. If you own minerals almost anywhere in America, you’d be the outlier if you have not received letters (and now getting into phone calls and text messages) of companies and/or people wanting to buy your minerals.

As you might expect, or should expect, they come in all stripes… the good the bad and the ugly. One commonality that is true 99% of the time is that they know more than the average citizen mineral owner about the value or unrealized value of your mineral interest. This is why it’s important to get informed. Usually, the first and most important thing to understand is how many NET mineral acres you own. The average bear is somewhat uninformed about this. It’s akin to knowing whether you have one apple to sell, or several bushels of apples to sell.


I received a mailing from Nickel River also. I replied a couple weeks ago & still have not heard back from them. Probably won’t.

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