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So, not a lot going on in Nicholas County I take it.

Dominion Hope buying right of way in Nicholas for 8 inch line any one know the going price?

Buying from you? The old rule of thumb was $1 per linear foot per inch in diameter. So an 8" pipe going 1000 feet across your property would bring $8,000. I'd suggest a couple things, though. First, remember that a pipeline is going to be there for decades, maybe centuries, so I strongly suggest that you work out a yearly rental with the opportunity to renegotiate the amount periodically. Second, find out whether the neighbors have been approached, and make sure everybody agrees on a price they'll charge the pipeline company. Third, they usually have a couple options for their location; see if you can find out where they are. Fourth, take your time.

Ken: Thanks for the information, will keep you posted on their offer. Wish we had more people using this site.

The old rule of thumb on pipeline prices is, well, old. You can go a lot higher than that. I'd say the the old rule of thumb is at best what their starting offer should look like.

Does anyone know the route of the pipeline and if it will serve any of the Nicholas and Greenbrier County wells?

I got notice of a proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) from Northern WV to Southwest Va. to be completed by late 2018. Anyone have information about right of way purchase price and land owner rights?

After getting a certificate of insurance, we let EQT/Mtn. Valley Pipeline do a preliminary survey on our property. We weren't required to do so until they make an application to FERC, but we are trying to be cooperative.

At the most recent WV Land and Mineral Association meeting, they had Carolyn Elefant speak. She is a Washington, DC, lawyer who specializes in FERC-regulated pipelines and seems very sharp. Her web site has some useful information: Also, FERC has a useful free publication called "What Do I Need To Know?".

I have no idea how much they may offer for the easement.

Does anyone know who owns and/or operates the 8" gas gathering line that runs from near Fenwick to north of Summersville?

W. E. Deegans, you might call the DEP in Charleston to see if they can help with that. (304) 926-0450. Also, if the pipeline is marked with any kind of signage anywhere you should be able to link that with a company somehow.

Also, if you want help with the MVP, I have some experience negotiating pipeline right of way agreements.