"Ngls of the Utica/Marcellus "

Back in the 70s, Qatar and Dubai started on the quest to be the world’s supplier of Natural Gas. They built the infrastructure, the ports and the ships to feed and increase the world’s appetite for NG. Today we all see the results online of the fabulous wealth these two regions have today. Naturall gas is now greater than coal as an energy source.

Today, the Ethane in wet gas is soon to take the same path but it will be greater. The largest Ethane port facility in the world has just been completed a few months ago. In Scotland, they now have the largest storage ethane tank in the world. For Asia cracker plants, Samsung just delivered the largest ships in the world. In Scotland, Ineos took possession of the new Dragon ships for Europe. And all this…to haul out Ethane from the Utica and Marcellus wet gas play.