NG wells - always producing?

We were visiting West Texas this past weekend - needed tamales and cantaloupe. We dropped down to the family property southwest of Toyah to check on the wells, wanted some family portraits of the productive members of our family and noted that the pipeline had finally been put in the ground as opposed to sitting on top, etc. While checking out our Ash Unit wells, you could hear the gentle hum of what I assumed to be natural gas flowing. Over at the Birch Unit wells, no sounds. My question - do NG wells flow all the time or are they similar in nature to oil wells where 100 percent allowable does not mean they are pumping 100 percent of the time, but at a rate to secure 100 percent of available product (I think that is somewhat correct, but I speak of that which I should probably not).

Unless the well is loaded up (with fluid) or the main valve is shut they should be making gas. Normally you want your gas wells to be flowing all the time as that (having enough gas velocity to lift fluid) is how you avoid them getting loaded up. That said, those wells may have been shut in for whatever reason (plant down, flaring, etc) when you stopped by.

If you are free wheeling onto APA pads and putting your ear to lines just look at their flow meter for a gas rate. Should have a digital readout of the instantaneous rate.


Wish I had known to check the gauges. Gonna review my pictures and see if there is enough detail or right angle to check.

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