NG pipeline right of way

I have never had to deal with a pipeline company before and a company approached me for an easement across my land in North Dakota for transporting natural gas. Below is part of the contract.

"said right of way to be 50 feet in width, together with the rights of ingress and egress to and from said Facilities for the purposes aforesaid. The right of way herein granted shall be expanded temporarily during any period of construction to a width of 75 feet, except that such expansion shall be to a width of 100 feet at all road, ditch and waterway crossings and any areas of severely uneven ground. This easement also allows for the placement of above ground metering facilities as needed by GRANTEE, which shall be considered part of the Facilities"

Question # 1. Do they really need 50 feet to lay a 6' pipe?

Question # 2. I was paid damages for a road agreement a few years ago. Should the payment for the pipeline be the same as for the road damages? How should I go about evaluating payment needed for the easement and the damages of the pipeline? I think they are low-balling at $25 per rod and $1,000 per mile.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.