Newspaper says 1123 barrels per day but check says less than 500 bopd, how can this be?

Just curious, our family received first royalty check for Newfield Ruth Ann 1H-32 in Blaine County. In July, the well completion report in NEWSOK said it was producing 1123 barrels per day but the first check said it produced less than 500. Are they required to pump the oil at full speed, or is it possible they are reducing the amount pumped out of the resrvoir for unknown reasons?

The 1123 BPD was probably the initial test of the wells production capability. Once the well is producing on a daily basis this could change. Also your check reflects the amount of oil sold, NOT PRODUCED, for the particular time frame shown on the check. Most oil wells have storage facilities on site that can store several 100 barrels of oil that you won't get paid for until it is actually sold.

Thanks for the reply! Is it possible they could not be pumping the oil from the ground at 100%? And if so, why would they pump a less amount? thanks again!

It's almost a certainty that there is a "choke" on a relatively new well. A well that is allowed to run with no choke can damage itself and reduce it's eventual total production. I like to think of the measure of a well is how much it produces before it is eventually plugged.

very good info...thanks for the reply