Newfields Wilson 1 thru 11

Is this saying they are doing a saturation of 27 4n 5w ???

I’m also interested , been getting lots of cause paperwork. I’m a greenie , anyone know anything?

Jennifer new guy here also I have posted a few times just trying to get a conversation going…WAS WRONG ON THAT NEWFIELD POST…JUST DOING MISC, NOT A NEW WELL. My sect is 23 7n 6w got 2 wells the Green a woodford and Sawyer a Springer… What are you looking for? If you are in Sec 23 7N 6W I have some info I put togeather for my self that you could use.

I’m interested in all the new horizontal Wells



The Wilson wells are in Section 34-4N-5W & Section 3-3N-5W, a 2 section unit. Many of the surface locations

are in Section 27. Marathon drilled Section 27.

Todd M. Baker