Newfield Raptor-X and Calvin Sec 5 T16 R9W and Sec 8 T16 R9W

We have received many lowball offers to buy our royalty interest in Sec 5 T16 R9W and Sec 8 T16 R9W. The producing wells are Raptor-X and Calvin (both in Sec 8 T16 R9W.) The highest offer so far has been $21,600 per NWA (not lowball in my opinion.) What is anticipated in the future for these two sections and wells?

watch out for bait and switch contracts. they are prevalent in this area. don't sign anything without a good lawyer,s ok.

Thanks for the warning, Bill. We have watched several family members struggle with that kind of thing. Some offers were frauds or borderline frauds. We really do not need or want to sell, but we would be more confident if we could know more about how these "buyers" are constructing their offers.