Newfield Plans

I was looking through the presentations on their website and noticed something interesting. This slide noted that they are transitioning to infill development. I read that to mean they will be starting to add multiple wells to sections currently held by a single well? Does anybody have information on this or know of the areas they plan on drilling first? I saw that they completed a couple in 14n-7w and a permit in 14n-6w. Thanks. 299-image.png (155 KB)

Yes, infill development does mean that they have targeted areas that they are beginning to infill after the first well. They announce some of their infills in their investor presentations and others you just have to find on the OCC based upon the density hearings. Is there a particular area you are interested in?

I have interest in 17/20-14N-6W

That area is not seeing the massive infill drilling yet. The current focus is to the west in 9W and 10W and into Blaine. That is not to say it won't come, but they are doing quite a lot of "science experiments" in that area, taking their learning curves and then expanding.

The Woodford is not quite as thick in 6W, so not the main target right now. I am not sure how thick the Meramec is in your area. If you start getting offers to sell, then that means speculators are hopeful for future drilling. I still wouldn't sell. This is a long term holding game, not a quick one.

Thanks for the info. Is Woodford and Meramec the only two plays worth drilling for in the area?

The Meramec is part of the Mississippian larger time unit and there are several more possible reservoirs in it. They are going to farther down the drilling list and need higher oil prices. Since the shale drilling started, that has opened up quite a few more possibilities for future reservoirs.

So the answer is probably not, but probably later.

Thanks, so back to being patient I guess :slight_smile:

Just got in from Colorado for the forth, was going through moms notices and minerals for the last ten years, New field is going to punch some wells in Section 6 and 7, that was dated March 27, possible these have been drilled. looking at a couple of zones, Woodford and Meramec, ATS-Denver

Thanks for the info, good to know they’re creeping ever closer.

Just seeing if I’m reading this correctly. Are they trying out 10 & 12 well in fills per section for the STACK acreage?

Yes, in certain areas

Yes, on moms land they are drilling 4-8 wells for infill drilling, she was offered two different amounts over the past four months. the first was for 12K per net acre, the second was just under 20k per acre. i think it will be worth five times the latter if all 8 wells are punched and produce what is just eight miles to the east and south in Oklahoma county. Hope this information helps..ATS-Denver

Wow, that’s good news! It would definitely be amazing if they started putting that many wells on all sections currently held by production. Our initial well was over 500 BOEPD. I’m sure they’ll probably start with the sections that were gushing over 1000 but maybe in a few years they could reach ours. Thanks for letting me know about that.