Newby here well questions

Hey yall I am new here. And I was curious if anyone had info about section 32 T6N R6W. Well names are firefly and linton

Welcome to the forum. What exactly do you want to know? The question was rather vague. The Linton wells were completed in late 2021, so Division orders should have come out in April or May and the wells are in production now. Continental Resources is the operator. Continental also has several OCC cases for increased density. Are you receiving them? If you just inherited, then there are several things you need to do, but didn’t want to bore you if you already had done them.

Firefly is not in that section. Are you talking about Firefly 1-6-7XH? It is in 6-5N-6W. There are other Firefly wells in other counties.

So I signed leases like in 2013ish. I dont know anything on what i need to do if anything. I just need to know, or understand what I have. And what I need to do.

What does increased density mean? No i dont recall receiving any info. Yes that is the firefly that i refer to. So i guess what should i expect out of this situation? I pulled like 3k in may and 800 ish in june.

If you inherited, then you need to make sure that your probate documents are filed in the Grady County Courthouse with the oil & gas clerk (not the criminal section). If they don’t know about you they cannot find you. If you signed a lease, then you probably should be getting information. Sounds like you are getting paid, so that is good and they are probably certain that you have the correct title. Linton 1-5-32XH came online in 2015. Pretty low production now.

If you are getting paid on the Linton #1, then sit back and wait for the new Linton wells. If the additional wells don’t show up in about a month on your statement, you may have to request royalties and interest. They should be on your statement by now. If you are getting paid on the Firefly 1-6-7XH, then sit back and enjoy the royalties. Continental is the operator.

What to expect? Natural decline of the wells over time.

For what it is worth, I am in pay status on the new horizontal Linton Wells and have received two checks and am expecting a third one day next week.


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