Hello very new to this. I just found out that I had some mineral rights in Tyler country last February from my father's mother's side of the family a Mary Corbly related to my Father Darl W Phillips his mother Laura Fox. Has been a bit of a pain in the butt since have been contacted by what I now know is called landsmen about said mineral rights. First guy talked to my little sister then he was gone a new guy stepped in and he was a bit of a jerk. I am being nice with that wording, Seems I did not jump fast enough for him so he threatened me with being taken to court and force to sign his lease. I was unsure as I have never seen this kind of lease before so I wanted to ask questions and learn more seems he did not like that. My 2 sister's and brother all signed right away. I have yet to sign anything and now have another landsman after me to sign the all seem to have this 2 week time limit or the offer in gone. I just want to know what is a fair deal and to better under stand the wordings I was born at night but not last night. Hate to be bummed rushed into anything. Seem I am one of 96 heirs in this deal and from what I can understand most seemed to have signed right away. I am not rich and can not afford a lawyer. Got mad when the guy tried to scare me into signing his lease this new guy has sweetened the signing bonus a little and the royalty 16% is what he has offered at this time the first guy 15%. I have right in 3 tracts in District of Meade and Centerville at the head waters of Sancho Creek. Just at a lose as to what to do and how to do it and wow I have 96 new relations I did not know I had.

It sure would be interesting if you have the name of the person who threaten you. People like that need to be exposed to warn the good, church-going people.


I am a Certified Professional Landman and in the more than 38 years I have been in the Oil and Gas Industry, I have never found any reason whatsoever to threaten or intimidate Mineral Interest Owners such as yourself.

The unprofessional behavior and intimidating tactics you have described make discust me. This is and has been my profession for a very long time and when I hear of such things I see red.

Please do every Mineral Interest Owner in the Country a huge favor and contact the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL) here in Fort Worth, Texas and report these supposed Landmen's behavior. Include the name of the Land Services Company they work for or through and also the Client company they are representing. If they are members of the organization, the AAPL will bring them before a board of review.

American Association of Professional Landmen


Feel free to use my name in introducing yourself to our organization.

For myself and every other respectable and respectful Landman in our industry, I truly apologize to you and your family for the actions of a few Bad Apples.

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

Please post the legal description(s) where you minerals are located. You may get better feedback from the Forum.

In the meantime, ask the landman to provide copies of the courthouse documents that show how you came to own the interest that he wants to lease. Now you will have proof of your mineral rights and will see how you came about to having 96 new relations.

If he continues to hound dog you, tell him you will respond "after" you've had a chance to study your options. If he persists, tell him to "bug" off, but first get hold of those documents.

What an insult that he thinks you can be "bought" for a few dollars and a little royalty.

Good luck,



Now that I have gotten that off my chest, there are a number of very qualified and experienced Attorneys and Industry Professionals that assist people just like yourself every day here on The Forum. And we all do it for FREE, 90-Days Same As Cash.

I am not personally familiar with the laws of West Virginia, but there may be someone here who can help you. If you can, please scan in the Lease they have proposed and post it here so we can take a look at it.

I can suggest one thing for you to do: Include a provision in the Lease that they provide you with a copy of their Maps, Title Notes, Title Runsheets and Genealogical Flow Charts that they either prepare or obtain on the subject lands.

Title Notes and Title Runsheets are chronological histories of all of the documents, from Sovereignty to Date affecting your lands or interests. That is very expensive research and it will give you a huge "Leg Up" on your Family History. 96 New Relations? Wow! I hope some of them have money!

You should never let anyone pressure you into signing anything and even if you don't think you can afford one, you should ALWAYS consult an Attorney about this sort of thing. Many will give you at least a half hour cursory discussion and review of your circumstances without charge.

Hope this helps -


PS: A Landsmen is a Gardener or Grounds Keeper. We are Landmen, and the title is generic: There are no Landwomen.

Another thing: You might let us know who the operator is that is allowing a total unprofessional to do his dirty work for him. I don't know if threats are criminal or not. I sure would like to know.

Russell Shanks was his name

As per Google, here is a partial recap of Russell Shanks' work history:

THEN: Russell Shanks - Animal Staff

Animal Health Evaluations, Gathering and Incubation of the reptiles eggs from nest, Eight live animal shows a day for crowds up to 400, capture and...

NOW: Preliminary Unit Manager - RedSky Land, LLC (Rick Dawson and John Brogan - co-owners and managers of RedSky)

Go figure!

Good luck,


Christine -

Russell H. Shanks

311 Lakeview Avenue

Parkersburg, WV 26101


Joined the AAPL August 31, 2015, which indicates to me that he is very new to the industry.


John T. Brogan

Owner / Manager

RedSky Land, LLC

PO Box 5936

Edmond, OK 73083

405-470-2078, Ext 312

Joined the AAPL 3/1/1998. Should know better.


Richard E. Dawson


RedSky Land, LLC

same address

405-470-2015, Ext 310

Joined the AAPL 3/1/1998, too, so he and John Brogan must be longtime Pals. He should know better, too.

Perhaps they all three need a little "Learning Up" as to manners. Please give the AAPL a call in the morning and talk your situation over with them. They are very experienced at teaching people manners.

Whoever RedSky's client is will not be very happy with them either. If you know who that is, you should give them a call too.

Unless RedSky is taking the leases in their own name, the company will be the "Lessee" in the Lease they sent you. If you will send us the company's name, I will find someone for you to call.

Hope this helps -


Sorry been busy I work 6 days a week and my only day off is Sunday so very hard I do not bother people on Sunday’s. The company he said he was working for was Antero Resource Corporation have since learned he really does not work for anyone but him self. I am really not sure all 3 landsmen say they represent Antero but if you paty attention to the letter head it has Antero and their company on it the last guy just has Indepent Landman Representing Antero Resources Corporation

Most Landmen are Independent Contractors, not salaried employees.

Antero is an outstanding company with an impeccable reputation. They would not stand for anyone representing them threatening or intimidating an Interest Owner.

You would be completely in the right if you were to call the company. Ask to speak to the head of the Land Department. He or she will probably be a Vice President.

Their website has a Contact Us link at the top, right of their homepage:

Hope this helps -


as per the lease they sent me so I am not sure if this is what you mean said lands situated on the waters of Sancho Creek the district of Meade and Centerville, Country of Tyler State of West Virginia and being bounded now or formerly substantially as follows, to wit :

Tract 1: 43 gross acres

on the north by lands of Alma A. & E.B. Villers

on the east by lands of J.T. Smith

on the south by lands of Carrie Z. Freeland

on the west by lands of Carrie Z. Freeland

parcel number 6-9-2

Tract 2 : 36 gross acres

on the north by lands of Linda P. Hatfield

on the east by landes of William L. & Alma J. Meredith et al

on the south ny lands of Jesse Phillips Hughes & Thomas Hughes

on the west by lands of Jesse Phillips Hughes & Thomas Highes

parcel number 6-9-4

Tract 3:106.925 gross acres

on the north by lands of L. Davis & O.W.O. Hardman

on the east by lands of Martha J. Moore

on the south by lands of A. L. Corbly

on the west by lands of L. Davis

parcel number 1-7-19, 19.3, part of 13

I do not know if I can this was back in February sorry been a long couple days

Ms. Malone, you have made my year. Thank you!

That would be a very time consuming description to map out. You would have to locate and map out all of the lands described in order to map out your own.

It can be done, I have done it many times myself, but it would be simpler if you were to ask one of the Landmen for a map of your property.

The "Parcel Numbers" mentioned may relate to modern day Tax Maps. You could call the County Tax or Appraisal District Office and ask. They probably have maps they can send you copies of.


Don't sign until you are satisfied at what it is and you should get at least 25% royalties!

NARO has excellent helpers