Newbie with lots of questions

I'll try to keep the number of questions small. Maybe I can add some as time goes on.

My wife inherited some mineral rights and signed a lease with Antero nearly 5 years ago. We live in Texas, so most of what I can find out has been from the internet. I discovered a month so ago, one of the drill pads had 3 legs completed in Jan 2016, but it seems Antero shut down drilling until recently. About 3 weeks ago, I found a website for Paterson UTI active rigs and to my surprise, a rig was sitting on that pad. Yesterday, I noticed the rig is not listed on that pad. So I am assuming they have finished drilling on that pad and will be moving the rig. Naturally, we are encouraged and trying not to be too excited.


Once Antero quits drilling, how long until production begins?

Once production begins, how long does it typically take for Antero to issue Division Orders?

Once production begins, typically how long until Antero issues a check?

And finally, does anyone know how Antero calculates the amount they pay for a unit of gas?

Now that they have formed Antero Midstream, I am guessing they are selling the gas and liquids to Midstream for a price much lower Midstream sells it for on the market and they use that smaller number for the royalty payments.

Any comments would be appreciated very much!

Do you know the API number of the wells you mention? Here is the address for the WV Office of Oil and Gas.

Go to "Database and map information" then "Search Oil and Gas Information" then "Search for Oil and Gas Permits"

Under the permit listing, you can see the different steps involved with the process. When you see the Complation report, you know they are ready to produce, or are already producing the gas.

I'll see if someone else has answers to your other questions.

Thanks Nancy. Yes, I know the API numbers. I know 3 legs show "completed"". Two in late Jan and the other in early Feb of 2016. (I tried to include a screen shot of this)

Thanks for the link. I've never seen that link. For one of the legs, it says Permit completed 1/30/16 and WR-35 received 4/21/16 and DMR received 7/18/16. Can you explain what these steps mean?

778-CompletedWells.JPG (38.7 KB)

I think the WR is water report. They need to have a plan on where they will get water for fracking, I think. Not sure about DMR but the R is probably for Report. There might be a place on the site that explains the acronyms. When you see a Completion Report I think you can know they are producing and the division order will come soon. Explore around that site. Lots of information.

Thanks again Nancy. I stumbled into the WR-35.

It is a long report about the fracking, etc. Good to know it has indeed been fracked. Just wondering if the gas is flowing.

It appears the DMR is a Discharge Monitoring Report.

Is there a phone number I can call to see if these 3 wells are producing?

This is what I copied down from another discussion:

hot line for well info for Antero 303 357 6475

I don't have any leases with Antero, although they have bought Marcellus rights on a couple old leases I have so perhaps in the future I'll be needing to call that number.

Look around in the Doddridge County discussions. There has been a lot of good information shared here.