Newbie to to this mineral rights!

My mother left me some mineral rights in oklahoma on some land that she got from her mom and dad . The land is now a lake

I am working with a company to lease mineral rights for 3 years they pulled deeds from court house and last recorded deed was 1906 but does show that was passed to other grandmother ,mom when they died. Mother left to me Is this going to mess up my dealings with the company im working with? not being updated except by death and passed on?

It might be better to have updated claims and signs of use in the past, if the minerals were passed down in probated wills, I think you have no problem. Landmen deal with tough searches all the time. If you had posted 5 paragraphs of sales and reservations, then I’d say you might have a problem.

Hey Chris -

I'm not entirely familiar with Oklahoma law, but off-hand I don't think you don't have anything to worry about.

The company Landmen will locate the different documents necessary to bring the records in Oklahoma up to date - It's called "Curing Title".

Working with a Attorney that will be preparing a Title Opinion on the land, they'll order certified copies of the wills and other probate matters from whatever county your grandmother and mother passed away in and file them of record in whatever Oklahoma County(ies) the mineral interests are in.

May also need to prepare an Affidavit or two, but you and other family members can help them do that.

Congratulations on your inheritance - hope your well comes in!


Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas