Newbie Questions-Fragmented Mineral Rights

Hey guys!

I'm pretty green to this. I just inherited a slew of mineral rights from my grandmother, and they've been in the family for many years. Here's my question. Is it typical or normal for ownership percentages to be absolutely minuscule? I'm talking about 0.0004% type of things. Where wells on the reports I receive are producing $50k a month, i'm receiving like $24.

Again, forgive my ignorance, just trying to wrap my head around how rights like that could've even been secured in the first place many years ago, and what i'm missing here.

Thanks for any advice!

What state are you referring to?

Yes it can happen that someone has a tiny amount. If, for example, your grandmother had 5 children and each of them had 5 children, and each of the children inherited 1/5 of his/her parent's interest, each of your grandmother's grandchildren would have 1/25 interest of what your grandmother had. Maybe she inherited from her father, and he had 5 children, each who inherited 1/5 from him. Then your grandmother's grandchildren would have 1/125 of her father's interest. Etc.

Then it might get more complicated after that!