Newbie question regarding oil& mineral rights

Newbie to oil & mineral rights. I have inherited family oil & mineral rights in East Coal County, OK. 80 acres 2N Range 8 East, Section 24: S/2 SW/4. Also 50 acres Section 18, 1N in East Coal County, OK. I was contacted years ago by Bryan , OK Oil about them wanting to do some deep shale fracking/ drilling??? Who can I contact to find out if someone is drilling on my oil and mineral rights land? Years ago a lawyer contacted me about wanting to purchase my rights, but I lost contact with him. Land was in the family of R. W. Fowler & the Qualls family. Then to Etta Mae & Richard Fowler. What agency in Oklahoma can I contact to view oil and mineral right ownership?

First I would check the Coal county records. Didn’t find your name.
See Coal County | | County Clerk Public Land Records for Oklahoma For activity on the site check out: Test

My guess is that unless you inherited before 1999, that your interest would not show up. Therefore, I suspect that you will need a probate to clear up title. Usually this is can be handled in a simple manner.

I agree with Richard. I took a quick look and didn’t find any current production on 24-2N-8E or in 18-1N-8E (I’m guessing on the range here since I didn’t see it in your original post). You could get a landman to put a quick ownership report together for you but there will likely be some curative work that would need to be done to get title properly transferred to you (did people die intestate or with a will, was the estate administered or probated, etc., as well as any number of things). You can probably expect to take it 1-2 days, depending on the complexity, with a lot of caveats along the way.


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