Newbie Needs Help

Hello All,

I have been asked to look into my Mothers mineral rights in Slope County ND.

I have done a lot of research and have learned a ton over the last couple days.

I have a question I was hoping you all could help with.

My Moms rights are shared between her and her Deceased husbands siblings. I believe she has a 1/7th share, but I am told that these shared rights can get a little murky. I assume that when signing a lease the % owned must be verified somehow. How does this usually get done?. What kind of documentation would we need to present.

Thanks in advance...



When an oil company leases mineral owners they order title on the lands that they are taking a lease on. In which case they go to the local courthouse and research the documents that consist to those lands in which they are leasing. All documents that pass surface or minerals should be recorded in the said courthouse in which the minerals/surface are owned.