Newbie needing some direction

Am needing to find out where to go to find out if drilling is going on now at Sec 4 : 6N -2W or at Sec 33 : 7N - 2W .... Thanks in advance!!

Generally go to:

Read the instructions on how to input your legal descriptions. Read the Form 1000, Intent(s) to Drill, and Form 1001 Notification(s) of Well Spud.

Then you have to figure out whether the well on your Section is for an adjoining unit, or your unit. There can be a well on your Section (33) that is not the unit well for Section 33.

If there is a MUH well, (look at the paperwork you should have received) to identify the surface location, and check that Section also.

If you own minerals in either of those Sections, you should have received paperwork on a MUH Well,

50% 33-7N-2W

50% 4-6N-2W

Thanks… I have received paperwork, just trying to find out if it is still an active well or not… And now to show my “ignorance” what is a MUH Well?

MUH is a Multi Unit Horizontal Well. If Section 33 is one unit, and Section 4 is another unit, and they drill one horizontal well that goes under both Sections 33 and 4, that is a MUH.

Finding the location and personally observing the activity is just about the only way to know if the well is still active.