Newbie Leasing in Reeves County Texas


I am new to leasing. How long is the payment of the bonus check take? My family leased out our land and wanted to know a round about time period.

Landman said it would be either wired in the last week and nothing.

If this pertains to Douglas Pickard’s interest being leased to Espuela, they have already recorded the lease and should have paid you.

Correct, I saw they recorded it on 11/6. However, they were to wire it and still haven’t. I heard from the landman a week ago who said it should have been sent. Now they are MIA. Which is highly concerning. Meaning, the landman phone has been going to VM for a week (we tried on different numbers) and the only way to contact the company is via there address. I have attempted to find a number to no avail.

In the future, never hand over a signed original lease without being paid at the same time. You should send a certified letter to the lessee demanding payment.

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Noted. Do you believe we should contact an oil gas attorney at this time to draft it?

Hi Andrea,

Yes, consulting with an Oil and Gas attorney would probably get you the quickest results. There are several under the “Directories” menu located above. Our attorney holds onto the lease until the lease bonus check is received by him. He then forwards the check to us.

Hello, Andrea I recently received an offer from an individual named Andy Sanders from Espuela to lease some mineral rights that I own in Reeves County. I have not contacted them yet. As a a result of your post, I am pretty concerned about this outfit. I also was not able to find a valid phone number for the company.

I would appreciate it if you could let us know what the offer (price/nmn) was that you received and where your property is located in Reeves County, if you don’t mind. I would also like to know if you have been paid yet.

I appreciate your assistance.

Andy Sanders is a real guy, Espuela is a real company. Well, I don’t know if any of it is “real” but they sent us a bonus check, which was good enough for me.


Do you not have a phone number for Mr Sanders? The one I had was 936-552-4850

The company, Espuela Energy, LLC is fairly active recently in acquiring leases around Block 54 T-5. Because there are many Relinquishment Act Land leases in the area, where the state is the mineral owner, a little bit of hunting on the GLO Land Lease Viewer, will get you to the various Mineral Files covering those mineral interests, and the scans of those entire files. This signature Block was on a letter submitting a lease covering NW/4 of Sec 4, Block 54, T-5, Reeves Co. Should help you to contact the actual company if needed. Espuela Energy

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Good Afternoon,

I was able to finally get payment after I left a not super nice voicemail. I think everything is all good now.