Newbie Landman seeking Mentor in Carter County, OK

Greetings fellow Carter County members,

I have just completed the course "Landman Fundamentals Certification Program" offered by Landman Academy. Throughout the course I maintained above 90 to a 100% on all of my graded tests. I expect my actual certificate by mail this next week.

I am seeking a mentor that is willing to let me shadow them for a few weeks/ months to get the actual hands on, real life work experience of a Landman. I have previous experience in title work and curative work here in Carter County, so I'm not a complete "green pea". :)

I am not seeking monetary compensation, just the opportunity to ask questions, see first hand and learn. I am a non-smoking, mature woman and free to travel if need be.

Both personal and professional references can be provided.

Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Gail Ley