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My mother and stepdad owned part of an acre that has been producing natural gas for at least 6 years. They divorced and my mother has since died… My mother had forgotten about it and never told me about the well and i suppose my step dad had also since at the time of divorce it was not producing. I received a letter from Antero Resources after my mother passed away saying that I was as her heir entitled to her share of the profit from the well. I asked her was it producing enough to even bother with and she said it was one of the highest producing wells in the county. My step dad has never mentioned it and to keep peace neither have I. I’m wondering how to find out how much money there is from the well that belongs to my mother and if its enough to cause friction in the family I have left. Any help? I really would like to find out how much gas this well is producing if it still is producing any. It’s located in Pittsburg county mcalester 30 IH. Section 30-6N-15E Any help will be so appreciated. Thanks


When it comes to revenue there is usually not peace in any family. Your mother should have had that deeded with a life estate. Get an attorney and claim it.


If Antero believes you are an heir you should seek to establish that fact. If you do not, funds may accrue to the Mineral Owners Escrow Account in your mothers name (or maybe already have - bonus if the interest was force pooled or perhaps royalties) The MOEA can be checked on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission website. A fraction of an acre could yield some nice spending money.

I believe the following information is your well. The completion report for this well shows an IP -initial production - of a little over 6.5 million cubic feet per day. Date of first sales is 5/14/2011. The link to the completion report is

Judy, all good advice above. If Antero believes you are the rightful owner of the royalties they should be able to tell you how much money they are holding in suspense or if the funds have been turned over to the state. In a similar situation I just called the division orders dept. of the company and asked.

sec. shows 2 wells run by XTO BOTH PRODUCING but , don't know the spacing, older well was drilled in 1978 and still producing but says not spaced????? .

the other well or white well is really doing ok.

In California the production rates are on line. your state could have them too. I agree with everyone here but you should still do a ton of research your self. If it is part of a ac it is most likely pooled with other mineral right owners, so you will want to find your deed and % of ownership. Here is a reason why, lets say you own 1 ac but it was split up at some point so you may own 1/8 % or what ever it is, then the well may be a 640 ac pool so it there is a lease you will also need to see what you royalties % is some times 1/8 or more. long story short, I had a lot to learn and Im still learning.

Shane, unfortunately the production information provided by the state of Oklahoma is not reliable. Some companies report, some don't , no enforcement.

Hey, Judy -

You may need to copy and paste it in you Browser's Address Bar, but the following link should allow you to download what I was able to find on your well:

The City of McAlester BIA 30-1H appears to be a dry gas well, although there may be liquids being separated and reported separately.

I was only able to find reported production from April 2012 through November 2012. Why nothing further, I do not know - they could have it Shut-In for some reason. Guess you could ask Antero's Landman.

Between April 2012 and November 2012, it averaged 73,630 MCFM ("M" = Roman numeral for thousand, therefore "MCFM" = Thousand Cubic Feet Per Month). Using an average of 30.5 days per month, that would be 2414.098 MCFD (Thousand Cubic Feet Per Day).

Without going into too much detail, by the "MCF" is the unit in which they sell it, like oil by the barrel.

I don't know what they are getting for their gas (you will be able to tell that when you start receiving your check stubs), but it could be anywhere from roughly $3.00 per MCF to $7.00 per MCF.

So, if the well is averaging 2,414 MCFD, at $3.00, that's $7,242.00 total gross income for the well; at $7.00, that's $16,898.00 total gross income for the well.

You will get a share of that.

I advise that you believe Antero's Landman and ask him to send you a Lease, or a copy of your Mother's Lease if she had already signed one, and a Royalty Division Order to sign.

He may also be willing to send you a copy of the Title Run Sheet on the subject land (history) and the Title Opinion wherein the Examining Attorney determined your ownership and interest. Those two things are probably all you need for your files. The research has all been done.

Sounds like your Mother left you something very special. If the land was only a small house lot, your checks might not be for much, but they will be in the mail for years to come.

Hope this helps -


Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professonal Landman

Fort Worth, Texas


Following is a link to the Application for Spacing of sec. 30 Antero filed. It has as Attachment "A" the 619 names of owners or potential owners of mineral interests. You may want to look for your mother's name. I hope you have not spent any money on an attorney - with all the good advice you have received you are most likely to not need one - my opinion only. Good luck.