New wells in Grady County

I recently a copy of an order for 4 more wells in section 32 07N 06W for the Mississippi Line supply in section 32. It mentions that Cunningham 4 cannot access all of the resources for section 32. Is this 4 more on top of the existing Cunninghams? 2 of them are sourcing Woodford and the other 3 Mississippi and Mississippi Lime. Just curious.

5 dismissals in 15-7-6.

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Guess Continental has “seen enough” of the Caney, Miss Lime, Sycamore and/or Woodford in 15-07N-06W-IM et. al. in Grady county.

Dismissing 5 apps due to “decisions to not drill.” They have definitely drilled enough wells in this area to know!

All the Cunningham wells have come in in 32-7-6 but not very good results i.e most about 50 bpd.

Form1002A (

1002A’s are no longer accurate measures of production quality as operators can use whatever timeframe they choose.

Which case are you talking about on the Cunningham wells? 202000363 had an interim order 710094 back in 2019 for Cunningham 2-6. The map on the exhibits shows the wells. 717783 is the final order for those wells. The completion reports for Cunningham 3,4,5,6-32-5XHW were just posted earlier in 2021. I think there are only four wells not eight. The Chester and Nunn wells are the other two in the section.

It is order no. 717783 that supercedes710094, a Final Order, but has the same verbiage except that Cunningham 4 was completed 1 year from March 2020. It was signed on April 15th 2021. I think they are talking about the other 4 Cunninghams, though…

202000364 had order 710095 which had an additional five Woodford wells. Nunn #1-32H could not recover all of the Woodford reserves.

202000363 had order 710094 which came out in Mar 2020 as an interim. Order 717783 was the final order for four additional Miss Lime wells. April 2021.

So far, Cunningham 3 & 5 are Woodford wells and Cunningham 4 & 6 are Miss wells. Chester 2 & 3 are for the Springer.

Time will tell to see if any additional permits are filed.