New Wells in 2n 4w in Stephens on Sec. 16

The surface holes have been drilled and surface pipe put in for the two new Jarod wells. We made a trip down a couple of days ago. Ready to go it looks like!

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Thanks for checking and having “boots on the ground”!

Gives us something to do while we wait for this pandemic to get over. Beats watching the presidential candidates fuss on TV! This evening we went back down and there was a drilling rig already sit up and trailers and equipment set up everywhere. Quite a few people running around but they haven’t started the drilling yet. Shouldn’t be long!

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Thanks for the update Linda! I will be driving through later this month and intend to stop by to see. I hope they are turning to the right by then.

I hope they are well on their way of being through drilling this first one by the time you come through later this month. Since the other surface hole for the number 3 well is only about 10 yards from this #2 one there should be lots of activity for you to see. Can’t miss it if you come down highway 29 as it’s right beside the highway. We’ll be checking on it several times more I’m sure before it is finished and will report what we see.

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They are at 12,000 ft. today on the well that is going to be Jared #2 according to the man my husband talked to.

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Thanks much for the report!

When we went down there 2 days ago they were at 12,000 ft. and coming out of the hole. Today hubby went back down there and they were coming back out of the hole again but he didn’t get to talk to anyone so don’t know if they just came out and changed bits and went back in and if so if they are having trouble or what. He didn’t think they would have had time to be finish up. Any of you veterans oilies have any ideas what’s going on?

I hope they are able to avoid the pitfalls of the first Jarred well and get all the way through section 9.

I hope so too, John. Looking everything over day before yesterday it may be Jared #3 they are drilling before the Jared #2. Can’t be sure because the surface holes were so close together but it seems they are over the hole on the west of the other. Don’t guess it makes any difference because I believe they will drill both before they frac and complete (just guessing). Anyway, a guy told us they were about at 15,000. feet. It seems to be the only rig in the area down there. Hope everyone is healthy and safe!

I drove by the rig on Saturday. Beautiful Oklahoma day.

I have been offered $6K/MA.

TO WHAT??? Sell in 16??? If so that’s a joke! lol

Hubby is on his way down there now. He’s been helping our son clean up limbs all day from the ice storm but while he’s loaded up he said he was just going to run on down there.

I forgot to say when I saw the pipe in the derrick I could see the blocks going up and down so they were like I said going in or out of the hole with the pipe. The way they have the tarp around the railings of the tubing board and have the floor of the rig enclosed you can’t see what’s going on as easily as when I used to watch my husband work on a rig when we were first married.

My husband didn’t get to talk to anyone yesterday but said they were just drilling away. I went down today and there was pipe in the derrick. I took a picture from another angle than the one you took John but I don’t know how to get it out of my documents onto here. Is there something to click to upload it? They were either running the pipe in or out of the hole but I tried to get a video and didn’t get that accomplished either. I’m not very good at operating this I Phone or anything else. I even thought the rig might have moved a little to the east so wondering if they might have moved on the other hole.

I air drop photos from iPhone to iPad, then post online from iPad.

The first well of the two new Jared wells has been drilled and they skidded the rig 20 ft. and have started on the second one (about a week or so ago). I believe the first one was Jared #3 because they moved to the east for this second one. So I believe this one is Jared #2. Man we talked to didn’t say anything about having any trouble so that is great. So looks like they will be fracing both at the same time. Coming right along! Wahoo!

That sounds great! Thanks for the update.