New wells and county tax appraisal

2023 Howard County Tax appraisal has been posted on Howard Cad. There was new wells drilled last year but I don’t see the tax appraisal for them yet. How long does that take?

My understanding is that the appraisals are done once a year. If the wells were drilled after the last date of the actual appraisal (not the posting), they may not show up until the next year.

Agree with Ms Barnes, you may enjoy a free part-year. Reeves County appraises & bills minerals as of January 1. Our well started April, so we were never billed minerals taxes for that partial year of nine months. I was happy.

Wells were completed March and April 2022. Sounds like appraisals are done one year in advance. I assume there will not be any updates at the end of the year then. Thank you for your helpful information.

You should phone Howard CAD and ask about the timelines. When you receive your minerals tax assessment, you can phone with questions, many counties outsource assessments to Capitol Appraisal Group (CAGI) and they’re helpful on the phone.

Generally, tax notices are sent out for the wells which were already on the tax rolls. So for 2023 notices, that would be wells which were producing at the end of 2021 and so were on the 2022 tax roll. The wells which began producing in 2022 may not be picked up on the first round for 2023. However, at some point they will be “found” and notices will be sent out. I have had wells which were missed for a couple years and then back taxes were assessed for those years.

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