New well not drilled but producing

I have a small mineral interest at T25S R35E SEC 1 N2SE NMPM. I copied the following from the OCD web site this evening. There is obviously something strange here since the status is “New, Not Drilled” but digging a bit shows that considerable oil and gas has been produced!

30-025-48812 VESTED FEDERAL COM #604H [330444] 98185] WC-025 G-09 S253502B; LWR BONE SPRIN Status: New, Not Drilled Last Produced: 06/01/2022

This is a site where Franklin Mountain will be using Automatic Custody Transfer equipment and is apparently consolidating production from 10 wells with expected production of 22500 BPD

I have not received a division order. Is this an unusual situation or a NM norm? Do I just have to wait this out to see what I eventually have?

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That well has definitely been drilled. And is producing (since Feb 22). I’d contact Franklin Mountain and ask about division orders. Mission and Vested wells (E2 of Sec 1/12) all producing. NMOCD has some weird status info at times.

They are commingling all of the oil from the 3 pad at the CTB (central tank battery) and selling multiple units through a common LACT. Measure individual well’s oil and gas prior to commingling. Not sure its an important detail for a mineral owner.

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