New Well Information

How do I find out about a well being drilled on my leased mineral rights.

It is in San Augustine by Southwestern #20, Borders Q well.

How do I find out if they have started yet, and how long does it take until they complete and

we know some information on if they hit any oil or not.?

Is there any website to track this info???


The best way to determine if they have “spudded in” is to contact the company to whom you leased the land (if they are the operator and the lease wasn’t assigned). If that fails, drive out to the property, if feasible, or check with neighbors to see if the drilling rig is up. Nothing is posted on the Texas Railroad Commission website until after the well is completed. You can expect it to take about 6 weeks or longer for a well to be completed, depending upon how many lateral lines they drill and what complications they have, if any. The operator files a Completion Report, but they may not do it for some time, especially if they are trying to keep the results close to the cuff for some reason. Until you can see a completion report, you must try to cordially interact with the operator and see what they will tell you. If it is a gas well, it may take 4-5 months to get paid since a pipeline has to be laid and the company generally has 90-120 days after the first production to pay you (depending upon the terms of your lease). Good luck on your well!