New well in reeves county h&gn rr area

Offers to buy all or part of my mineral rights are higher than they've ever been. $12K/ac on

up. Others have mentioned that offers are usually 1/4 - 1/3 of what they would really pay.

My question is this - What happens if this well does not produce that much? Other

companies would not want to drill on the property. It's public information and easily

obtained. So these offers could go away and I could lose out by their speculation.

Our property is not in the heart of the Oil Discovery to the south of us. So, I really need

clarification for selling now or waiting.

Would you mind giving the location of your property? Linton

Hi Brenda -

I agree with Linton in that if we knew where your properties were located we could probably send you more than just general information. If you want to send the legal descriptions privately, click on our names wherever they appear in BLUE and send us invitations to become A Friend on The Forum and you can send them that way.

There are going to be "new wells" in Reeves County and more than a dozen additional West Texas Counties for years to come. As to whether the ones near or including your properties are going to be the huge producing ones you keep hearing and reading about would be all but impossible to tell until they are actually drilled.

I usually advise people to not sell, but have learned over the years that sometimes they have a reason to need to, like medical bills or getting somebody through college.

If you want to take advantage of the currently tremendous offers you are receiving just to have some wild money, then perhaps you should think about only selling a part of your interests. Just remember that you're going to have to pay taxes on whatever amount of money you end up with so don't go blow it all on something you really could have done without.

And be extremely careful about who's offer you accept and have an experienced Oil and Gas Attorney review every scrap of paper they send you BEFORE you even verbally agree to anything. There are any number of scam artists out there trying all sorts of ways to separate the inexperienced from their interests. Sometimes even using the inexperienced owners' own money to do so.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas


You are correct in saying that the offers will not always be there and they could go away with news of a bad well, but that is not likely. You will also be asked for information by a ton of people on here who try to buy minerals. I'll private message you some information on offers nearby in Reeves so you can make sure you are getting fair offers.

Best of luck,


Brenda, Based on the dozen's of properties I have evaluated in Reeves, Pecos, Ward, Lea and Eddy Counties, here are some guidelines:

  1. If you inherited, are leased, have a family to share long term income with, don't sell but clean up your title.
  2. If you prefer some cash now in exchange for long term income and can walk away without looking back, educate your self as to what is a FAIR MARKET VALUE as defined below.

FAIR MARKET VALUE is the transaction terms acceptable to an EDUCATED seller and a buyer KNOWLEDGEABLE about its risk and reward options and where neither party is acting under duress.

Being EDUCATED, goes far beyond "what a buyer will pay" but includes the science of the physical asset owned and the heartfelt desires of the owner that will be given up or realized by agreeing to a transaction.

Buyers love to take the place of owners at a discount because they are EDUCATED and know what the Knowledgeable buyers will ultimately pay. It is their job. Don't disrespect them but know your property potential better than they know it.

bottomline; If you are not an educated seller, your are not going to be able to find a knowledgeable buyer through arithmetic.

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Managment

Section 52, Block 4 H&GN Ry. Co. Survey

I don't need to sell at this time I just don't want to pass the opportunity up if it won't come back again.

There was a well permitted in your section last month. Click on this link:

After you open the link, read to the bottom and then click on "Plat #1" and view the proposed wellbore's proximity to your minerals.

Silverback is going to drill a well in the south half of that section called the Big Fundemental , I was out there three weeks ago and they already have the pad built to drill. Section just to the west silverback has a very good well The Williams 4-53 2-H. They know what’s there. I’ve had three letters in the last week wanting to buy in same area. Would never sell minerals unless you need to , production might last for many years. Do you know what part of the section your minerals are in.

That is the Section that we own the mineral rights - the Section called the Big Fundamental.

It’s your business , I would never ever sell!!!

Here is a link to an audio interview which you might find edifying: I have no--zero--financial interest in or personal experience with this company and am not recommending it to you.