New Well Identification

When a new well is identified, they have a number and letters such as 4AH, 8SH, etc. at the end. What does that represent? If it is a high number, does that mean they will have more wells coming in that section such as 8AH, 7AH, etc., or does it mean something else.

There is really no standard convention for naming wells. It is up to the Operator. However there is some commonality that is developing in most areas.

Generally, any name ending in “H” denotes a horizontal well. If there is a letter before the H it often will be a code for the geological formation that the well is completed in. You don’t say where your wells are located, so I can’t guess as to what the “A” and “S” might stand for.

As for the numbers, they may be chronological, but most operators will use the numbers as a way to depict where the well is located. For instance, they might be planning on 8 wells per section, so they number them according to the proposed layout. In this case they could easily drill the #8 well first.

Thank you so much. Our mineral rights are where the once Higginbotham Ranch is. It’s a little over 8300 acres in Borden County in Gail.