New Verdun Permits Near Shelby

Verdun formed three 1300+ acre units in the Shepherd Survey A-94, near Shelby near the Fayette/Austin County line. They’ve permitted a first well in each unit but with all to be drilled from the same pad that will be off Wunderlich Road east of FM 389.

The new locations are two miles south of the Belleau Wood and Saint-Mihel wells Verdun completed on the other side of Shelby in Dec. 2019. They were strictly gas but each has made over 4 BCF in the first 18 months. Verdun, like Geosouthern in Washington County, must have decided the numbers work for straight gas wells as long as they are big ones.

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Dusty, looking at the RRC map, I only see two new units. What am I missing?

RRC only posts locations on their map after the permit is approved. Verdun applied for the first two on 9/9 and 9/10 and those two have been approved, but the 3rd permit wasn’t filed until 9/13. RRC then questioned something on the application so it’s still pending. Should appear on the map soon. Go to the RRC permit section for Fayette County and look the plats attached to the permits if you want to see that 3rd location. It’s called the Passchendaele.

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Thanks, Dusty! I found it with your help.