New to this: There's I lease but I haven't been contacted

Hello! I have recently inherited some mineral rights and one is in Hughes County. The location is N and NW-28-7N-9E. I frequently check the Oklahoma Mineral Registry for activity and saw that there is a $600 bonus from 3-5-2018 for this. I saw the lease is for 4-1-2018 - 4-1-2021. My estate lawyer was also a former landman and he got the titles change to my sisters and my names so we should have gotten the contract. Anyway, my question is how do I find out who the bonus is from? Corterra is currently there but the lady I spoke with I don't think knows anything about it (except for what is getting ready to be reported from the last 3 yr lease) Help! Thank you guys so much!

Catherine Walker

You had best get in touch with Corerra quickly. They just pooled that section and have probably missed you since you recently inherited. If your estate lawyer did not file the new address and name in the county, then the land men missed it in their research. They could have looked for it a few months back before the information was filed. It happens.

The pooling was 201703740. Judging by the number of times it was continued, you were probably missed.

You can look up the pooling on the OCC website. that is the application. Look on the respondents and see if one of them is your ancestor. that is the order. Look there and see if a name links to you.

You have to make an election under the pooling order, but they have to make sure you are the right person (and your sister). Of the choices on the pooling order, I would take the highest at 1/5th because the higher royalty usually pays out in the long run versus the higher bonus in the short run. You only get a bonus once. You may have multiple wells in the future and the higher royalty is usually better.

The well has already drilled, so hop on this right now so you get the royalties! Friend me with the blue icon to the upper left if you need a bit more help.

Contact Name: BENJAMIN J. BROWN Contact Phone: 918-382-9437 (OTC PUN link)

I dont see mine or my mothers name. i see Santee, Drescher anf Cruse whom I am related . i do haVe a question....when I look at the oklahoma Tax Commission PUN search for this space, I see Faith Production who also have active wells on this space. Maybe they represent us or think they do? i remember my mom got something (a lesae, I believe) from Sunoco (using faith) about 6 or so years ago. Im probably fishing at this point but I really dont know what can or cant be done. Just wondering why our names arent there but this is our spot.N/NW. thank you so much for your help!!! and sorry for the in a tiny phone screen....Ohhh, and I did contact corterra yesterday. i spoke with someone who didnt know but was trying to help get me to where I needed. our lawyer did file the change in mid 2016 to the counties....he used to be a landman. i will try to call the contact you gave me for corterra tho.

Did you ever get any feedback to your questions from Corterra?

I just logged back onto this…sorry its taken so long to respond! I have not. They sent me some legal papers, just court docs about something., even though I specifically gave them my name and address, it still got sent to my parents old house. Thank goodness the new owners know how to get a hold of me!