New to this Section 25 block c-1

Okay so Im learning more by the minute but My Great Great Grandfather owned 10 mineral acres of 659 acres on section 25 block c-1. His interest of minerals is 1/9. (originally we thought we had 35.5 acres but it is 10) 320 acres of the 659 acres are what PRI Operating is interest in.

There are two drills there apparently pooled. Section 25 and 6 are pooled together. These are the two on our area. 42-389-36673-REEDBUCK STATE UNIT 25 3H

42-389-36754-REEDBUCK STATE UNIT 25 1H

Some how we are owed royalties. There are 8 of us living descendants which will have to share whatever it is.

A landman for PRI told me that It seems that a few years ago title was run on this section, enough to proceed. Then a Title Attorney completed a Title Opinion and made a requirement to fill in Gaps in title and one gap was in the mineral interests of my relative. Which is why they are reaching out to us. He told me that another landman would be reaching out too. Why would that be?

We were made to believe that my relative owns mineral rights to more than just this area as well. What would that mean? We would collect from all of them?

Any insight on any of this at all?

Get a good Oil & Gas Lawyer!

  Hopefully, one who is cognizent of the area of your interest!  Possibly think about a partnership company with your relatives.  You never can tell in the Permian Basin . . . . other formations may be unleased and subject to the will of the decendants.

Stephen Watkins (601) 347-8153

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It seems that there is a gap in the title records from your Great Great Grandfather down to the current heirs. Basically, there are not deeds or legal records (such as probate) which have been filed in Reeves County to prove how the title has passed down through the generations. Title needs to be traced to determine who the heirs are and how much each owns. This is establishing a family tree from your Great Great Grandfather down through his children and their children. Then you can sign a lease and be paid royalties.

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Thank you for your help guys