New to the Forum, have a question

Hi, I have just recently found this forum, and have learned alot!!

My wife and I have Mineral Rights (Two different Areas) in Divide County, North Dakota. These rights are from her side of the family. She has distant relatives still there.

We recently signed a Top Lease with Diamond Resources, and were just recently informed, by Diamond, that our current lease holder, Contex Energy, may be drilling soon. A shame since our new lease would be worth much more (bonus 1000.00 per acre vs. 85.00 and 20% royalty vs. 15%).

Thanks to learning form this forum, I have found the NDOGC GIS map. I am going to start watching this to see if permits and drilling start.

My question. I do not know how to figure out exactly what area we have interest in. I can easily see the Township 164, Range 100W, and the sections 28 - 33. The problem is only section 32 shows all. The others show specific lots and a couple of others have E1/2, W1/2, and NW1/4 designations.

How do I see these specific lots and area designations on the map?

I appreciate your help.

NDIC GIS mapping does not narrow or break down less than a full section. If you subscribe With NDIC you can view production information that will describe the spacing unit size most generally (seems like I have come across times when it didn't).

Thanks for the information!