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Hi I am new to all of this and have some questions. My mother passed away and left Royalty Interest to Three Sisters 1-21H Section 21-17N-14W in 2009. The Interest is .00140936*1/8= 0.00017617. The Production company on the Amended Division Order is Devon Energy.

I received 3 fairly small checks from Sandridge Energy in 2014 and 2015.

Now I have received Bankruptcy papers from Sandridge.

So I have several questions.

1) which production company is the one I am really dealing with? I assume Sandridge. How does the bankruptcy affect me?

2) What does the property description actually tell me? Who owns the lease, who owns the land and how does that affect my royalties?

3) I have a pdf file from OCC and it looks like the well was completed 2/8/2012 Wellinfo062012.pdf What is this actually telling me and is the production considered low, medium or high outputs?

4) Are the royalties worth keeping or should I consider selling them? If selling is a better option, who would i consider selling too?

Thanks for any help you might be able to provide,


843-Wellinfo062012.pdf (172 KB)

Didn't Devon do this well? I would call the oklahoma corporation commission on this one and see what they have to say about this. If I remember right, and I could be wrong, there was something about a fine that devon had to pay. Just can't remember all the details.

As far as who owns the land, I would think you could get that info from the county records.

I have since figured out all the paperwork. I actually inherited Royalties on two wells. One in Dewey County and one in Major County. The Devon well is in Dewey and Sandridge is in Major. After careful consideration, I am now looking at selling off these two Royalties.

Dear Bob, When you figure out how much you are asking for Dewey County, please post it on the for sale section on this forum. Kelly Hudson