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Does anyone know the name of a land rig in texas starting in 2003 and currently in production. From what I was told I believe it is somewhere in west texas area. Was told the company was St Mary Land.

I am new to this and just found out I am an heir. Have been told there could be several tracts throughout texas and have different ownership values. Have been told there was a right of way and easements in 2008 and 2015 wondering if there is an easy was to find out the details as it is very expensive. From my understanding it’s mainly Texas property and I dont have any major details.

Family withheld info to benefit other members. Does anyone have a name of a good attorney? Any and all help will be very appreciated…thank you

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Edwin, if you will tell us the names of the family members the mineral or royalty interests you are trying to find out about might be listed under, there are a couple of ways to try and track them down for you.

Check SM Energy whose stock symbol is “SM”

Thanks for replies. Names are Howard Faye Crusan and Mary Lord Crusan. Children Charles Crusan (lives in Pennsylvania) and Lucretia Lord Crusan Hopper. Both parents and Lucretia are deceased. Her husband is her surviving heir no children. We trying to sign his heirship and ownership into the properties and have filed a few Affadavits of heirship. Have been told there are properties in several counties and a few of those have several tracts. Most in texas.

You may have to file in Pennsylvania first if intestate.
A good place to start looking for names is or


There is a lot more for you to “learn up about” than what we can explain here in a few messages, but we can try to help.

Texas is the only State that taxes the individual Royalty Owners, the people receiving Royalties from Producing Oil and Gas Wells, so we have Mineral Tax Rolls that can be researched.

That allows for a pretty Cool Beans way for us to research that sort of thing.

Using a Website that I have access to for that sort of thing, back to 2008, I researched the name “Crusan” and came up with 119 Oil and Gas Wells under the names of Howard, Mary and Charles Crusan.

All of the subject Wells that they appear to have or have recently had any Royalties being paid from and, therefore, any possible Mineral or Royalty Interests that you have possibly inherited any interests from, appear to be in three Counties in far Southeast Texas. Jasper, Hardin, and Orange Counties, Texas.

Attached here are some very general maps and a table of the Wells that I was able to find.

I can allow you much greater details about these particular Wells, but you need to understand that what your predecessors in title own in these Wells does not identify or prove what your ownership is in all of the lands they own interests in. These are only the Wells that they have paid taxes on since 2008.

Nor does any of this prove up or identify what all lands you actually own any surface, mineral or royalty interest in.

Much more to learn about it all, but maybe this is a “Start”.

Appreciate your faith in us. Hope we never let you down.

Oh! And, there are no Stupid Questions here on The Forum.

I’ve spent over 40 years researching this kind of thing, and I assure you that I still have stupid questions.

Hope this helps!

Happy Thanksgivings!




Thank you sir so much I wish you and your family a safe and good Thanksgiving as well…I cannot thank you enough for the info you’ve sent…I wanted to ask if there is a direct way to email you as I have a few questions and information I’d like to discuss with you

In their efforts to protect individuals like yourself from the Vultures out there, the Administration of The Forum does not allow Responders like me to provide our personal contact information. That is a policy that I wholeheartedly agree with. But since you provided me with your email address, I suppose they shouldn’t mind if I answer your questions that way. And, yes, I know of a couple of Attorneys who could help you, although if your family is filing Affidavits already, you might not need one. Happy Thanksgivings! Hope your team wins!

Yes sir hope your day is blessed as well. Thanks for all the info you’ve given its truly helpful as to where to go next. I can’t thank you enough I mean that and hope your team wins as well.

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