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The family has just found out an uncle who passed in 2000 has vested down a property in Pennsylvania. There is a oil and gas lease being negotiated. Great news, right. So now I have found that there may be multiple properties and some with previous mineral leases. dates ranging from 1967 to 1982. My question is, where is the best place to look for the physical location of these properties? I have page # book # etc. But have not been able to locate the web site with a plot map. I thought I had once located several days ago, and now can’t seem to find it. If anyone has tips or thoughts on my search for more properties please let me know. I find this all so fascinating and really enjoy some of the posts I have read. Very insightful.

I am often curious to see the site. From a legal standpoint this is not relevant to ownership of the minerals in most cases. If you have GoogleEarth you might try: Enter Legal Description to View on Google Earth

I am not familiar with Pennsylvania, but a good starting point is check stubs and legal descriptions. The probate attorney there should be able to assist you. However, you may want a landman to assist you with locating properties.

Thanks. I’m living in California and have never been to Penn. Knowing what the topographic layout is is helpful. I found a large coal mine located a few miles away from this plot. And it’s nice knowing I’m not allowing the digging in a residential property area. But also see a future in leasing for coal. Living in the suburbs of Los Angeles, having mineral rights on a property is unheard of. This is all new to me. Discovering more mineral rights on other plots would be interesting.


There are a lot of GIS resources available to help map properties and each county typically has a online platform to help. That is typically a lot easier than trying to map using other methods.

Are you a GIS user? If you tell me the county/counties I could try to send you the website links to the online platforms.

Depending on the area of PA, coal might be just as significant of a mineral find as oil & gas. There are other minerals that are also significant in certain areas of PA such as bluestone.

Sounds like the beginning of an exciting adventure for you!

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the help everyone. I did find the site I was looking for.

A wealth of information and I actually found the property in question.

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