New to group and have a couple of questions

My brothers and I recent leased our property in Lincoln Country to Equal Energy. On their site they claim to produce on average 150 boe/d, which I learned means 150 barrels of energy per day. So here are my questions: 1) what is the ballpark price of a BOE? Or, how does one find out? 2). Assuming the first well produces, how many wells do they drill per acre? We have 20 acres.

Peter Go to Garvin Co. forum and look at a post by Michael Hutchison eleven hours ago about BOE . They drilled seven well in a section next to us in Grady Co.


The price will be on your check stubs. BOE, Barrel of Oil Equivalent. is normally gas & will be on your ck stub in thousand cubic feet - Mcf's. There should be a key on the ck stub for Oil, Gas, etc.

The well spacing is prescribed by the OK Corporation Commission & that information is available online.

Thanks, Ann

Three years ago some family members of mine leased 160 acres to Equal Energy- they've drilled on several properties around the farmland- the lease expires in four months. Each time an inquiry was made about drilling on it property- the answers given was that its on the list then finally they replied- not at this time, should my folks be patient and allow the lease to renew- let it expire or do some investigating further?

Ray Need location to look anything up.

NE 1/4 sec 27 24N 5E

Ray could not find much . Did you know that location is in Pawnee Co.? Does Equal Energy want to renew the lease? I could not find many leases for that location three years ago.

Thanks Ron- the location in question is Lincoln County- NE 1/4 Sec 27 14N 5E

The Co. below leased a lot in 27 in 2013.


If you lease tell whoever you lease from you want same terms as given on Exhibit in book 2082 page 154 Lincoln Co. Records.

Here is a pooling that has what they were ordered to pay in 33. you should get no less.