New to Forum. Wondering about Survey 21, 23 and 33, Block C-4 under 640 acres

My siblings and I inherited mineral interests in the above sections. Wondering if there is any activity in these sections. Landmen may not be able to find us, as our mother's will was probated in Harris County and never filed in Pecos as far as I know. I'm trying to decide if it is worth the time and money to figure out how to file the will in the county clerk in Pecos. Thanks for any help you can give us!

You are in southern Pecos, which isn't the hottest area of the county. Regardless you "NEED" to file your parents probate in Pecos County as it's not that hard. All you have to do is order a certified copy of your mothers "order admitting will" and the "will" then have them recorded in Pecos. You can call the probate department in Harris and they will line you out on fees to send. It's like 1.00 per page plus so much for certification but your not looking at much. You need this paper trail for all future waves of leasing.

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