New to forum Reeves County

Wife in herited ac. In Sec 82, Blk 4, H &GN Reeves Co. Completed lease with KEW end of July. We were told to expect permit by Nov. drilling in Jan. Have viewed Tex RR CO gis but can’ t find out much if anything. If you know of anything would you post. Thanks K

I check Texas RRC permits. I go to the end, the most recent, then come back - that keeps you from wading through pages and pages of old well permits. The permits have dates so you can see where you are.

Ann Whitchurch

In your search parameters, you can put in a date range, along with the county or district code. After the date range is populated, you set the view to all records and then you can actually cut and paste into an excel spreadsheet and manipulate the data in any way you wish, such as sorting by operator, etc.

The hyperlinks that will be downloaded will still work in the Excel spreadsheet. An example is attached below.