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Wife in herited Mineral ac. In Sec 82, Blk 4, H &GN Reeves Co. Completed lease with KEW end of July. We were told to expect permit by Nov. drilling in Jan. Have viewed Tex RR CO gis but can’ t find out much if anything. Daughter recently accepted to law school for fall of '12 any information would be helpful for financial planning. If you know of anything would you post. Thanks K

Our family signed with KEW in Blk 4 Sec 68 in December of 2006. We have enjoyed doing business with them but nothing has happened since.There has been increased activity in the last year. I would be surpised if they drilled anytime soon. JS

Thanks any idea who they broker for.? K

No, sorry. JS

I didn't see any thing in sec 82 blk 4 for any of the abstacts a1379 capps, a 5662 lilley, a5772 capps most of the new one i looked at show up as soon as permit was oked.