New to all of this

Hi Everyone, After 20+ years of living in the dark, I’m just beginning to learn about the mineral interests I inherited and how to protect myself in leasing them. Because of my own ignorance, I’ve been an easy mark for unscrupulous landmen but no more! With this in mind, I read in another discussion that all of Section 35 in Grady was leased. I have just a bit in that section and I wonder how I can get more information. I also wonder how to find out whether any revenue is being held in suspense for anything in Grady or in the 30 other Oklahoma counties where I have interests. Any wisdom, guidance, etc., would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Mary

You need section , township and range 35-? N-? W . There is more then one section 35 in Grady Co.

It’s described as Sec35 T8N R7W.

Thank you for all of this! I'm going to call Continental Resources to find out more about this property.