New to all of this, apparently heir to mineral rights, please help!

I recently received a check from Continental Resources for Sec. 28-4n-6w. I have been listed as one of the heirs for this interest. I have recently discovered that my mother and step father (both deceased) have several mineral rights. I am getting the run around from step sibling and siblings. I live in California and do not have much information to go off of. I am looking for ways to do title search specifically in Grady county. Do I have to go to Oklahoma? Thank you in advance!!

My understanding would be Yes either go or pay a Certified Landman (someone with a Higher Degree of Integrity and Professionalism).

Other's will know too.

You can search and see all Grady County Clerk activity from about 1988 or so forward. To get a check from Continental Resources I would think someone had to file something. To view the document you will have to subscribe to the website. Grady County was $25 for a one year subscription. Good luck. Let me know if you have any questions.

I was thinking in order to get DETAILED results someone had to Actually look.

My experience has been NOT ALL is shown ,even in that time frame forward.

I have Mineral Ownership and I don't show up. However, I have the Filed Deed of Record.

But yes that's a Great place to start.

Also I have a case in particular which requires I go to Chickasha this summer when I am strong enough to travel.

There's a pooling order which Rick retrieved for me dated 2008.

You might also consider having a Chickasha located abstract company build you a mineral abstract showing complete chain of title. They could recommend a Chickasha attorney if your wanted a title exam and any title defects cleaned up.

If you want to give me your mother and step fathers names I would be glad to do an on-line search to see if anything was recorded with their names. In order to get a check then something had to be recorded at some point.

Unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired. The indexes are not complete. I'm not sure if is it just Grady county as I have had better luck finding documents in Colorado.

The Grady Co subscription has "LEGAL Searches are NOT a complete Search. Not all legals are indexed in system" loaded as a disclaimer.

I think things were much better when Grady County was part of KellPro site,

Hi Desarie, we have interests in this Section as well. Please fell free friend and message me.

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Continental Resources is just about to start production on a well on Sec. 28-4n-6w. You are probably in the forced pooling for that well, which extends horizontally into sections 33 and 34.

I inherited mineral rights in Grady County, and started out blind a couple years ago. One place we started was You can join the registry as an owner for about $35 per year. When you join, you enter as much information as you have about who you inherited from and how they acquired their mineral rights. We entered two generations when we joined, and it was very profitable for us. When a land man starts trying to track down heirs he/she will normally look at the owner registry to try to find heirs. You can also search for ownership information on that website at no cost.

Sometimes Oklahoma will probate documents will give you more information. Grady county is in an energy boom, so my first suggestion is get yourself listed on the owner registry and most likely they will find you.

Hiring a land man to search out your holdings would yield the best results, since they are experts at finding that type information. However, that would most likely be expensive.

Hope that helps a little

Thank you for responding!! I joined the registry last week!!

Hey Donna, Just curious...The owner registry actually found you legal descriptions for minerals that you did not have already? Trying to figure out if this is a resource I could recommend to people who do not have the money to hire a landman.

Grady county requires a subscription to do a search online. It goes back a decent number of years. You may need to probate their estate or see if somebody else has done so. The good news is that you are getting paid at least on one lease. Let me know if you need help.