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Question: According to my minerial IQ account there are “36 new permits notifications” within 2 miles of my family’s wells. ( they are not with our land ) Is this something to be concerned about? Not sure if this is good news or not…any clarification is appreciated

That is usually good news. Look them up and see what they are drilling for and they will give you a feel for the activity in your area.

thank you, I can see that 8 permits were approved on 7/17, but I can’t tell what they are drilling for…I’m assuming Gas & Oil. I’m wondering, can more drilling cause ours to produce less? it seems like our production is down a bit…

Oil & gas permits. Your production declines naturally as the reservoir is drained. Perfectly normal. The spacing of wells is governed by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to protect from wells being too close together.

Which version of MINIQ are you on? The basic free one or MINIQ+? Can you see the portfolio tab on the left side? If so, click on it and then select the NEARBY ACTIVITY on the top tab. It may give you a list of permits within about two miles. Click on the blue API number and then the DOCUMENTS Tab and then view PDF tab. it will give you the permit if it is working. (I just tried and it wasn’t, but same days it works.) The pop-up may be blocked depending upon your browser.

What is miniq? Haven’t heard this before ?

MineralIQ is a free service from Enverus/EnergyLink where mineral owners can sign up to see your revenue, statements, limited maps, etc. from those operators that belong to their system. Not all operators subscribe. They also have an updated MineralIQ+ version for a fee which has more options.

I use it about every day. It has some limitations, but I use it for what it does have.

As a mineral rights owner would you suggest updating to mineralIQ+? Is it worth the 24.99 fee?

24.99? Where can I find that amount posted?

I have heard a lesser fee from other folks. I think it may be graduated according to royalties. You probably have to just ask them for their rate structure.

Ok thanks. $24.99 . Is that per month?

Yes, 24.99 a month. On my account there is an option to upgrade from the free Minerial IQ to the minerial IQ+. I’m pretty sure it’s the price for anyone signing up for it, can’t imagine that they would charge on some type of scale?

When I first talked to them many months ago about their fees for MinIQ+, they told me they had a sliding scale. Not sure what they are offering now. I was at the NARO US convention a week ago and several folks mentioned their rates and it was less than $24.99, so don’t know when they signed up or if they were remembering correctly.

Ok thanks for sharing that. They may have quoted me a commercial rate then. It was almost 5 figures a year. Im an individual owner and not incorporated. I’ve asked them to get back to me on why the huge difference for the same product and features others are paying. They were not able to give me an answer while I was on the phone.

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